May 2017

Transformative Meeting Technology Event

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Freeman Audio Visual Canada partnered with Cineplex, EventMobi and National Speakers Bureau to host the Transformative Meeting Technology Event for 550 attendees across Canada. With a live demonstration in Toronto, the Freeman team live streamed the event to Cineplex theatres in Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and Winnipeg. The event was then archived for an on-demand viewing in Vancouver.

The event featured Futurist and Digital Strategist Jesse Hirsh who spoke about the future of technology including virtual reality, augmented reality and social media and the role it is playing in how we receive information today. When it came to social media, Hirsh used the example of how we have evolved from receiving our information from institutional authority (i.e. politicians, business leaders etc.) to cognitive authority (i.e. anyone with a twitter account who has something worth listening to). Hirsh explained that with the technology available today, people no longer need to rely on professional experience to be heard. Instead, technology allows for anyone to have a voice, speaking to the role of cognitive authority.

Experience part of the panel discussion in virtual reality by viewing the video below from your mobile device and placing it in a google cardboard (make sure to click on the headset image in the video before placing it in your cardboard). Don’t have a google cardboard? View the video on your computer and experience the panel in 360 degrees.

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