May 2017

CSR Report

Freeman Audio Visual Canada strives to be a socially responsible organization that integrates community support, stakeholder satisfaction and environmental sustainability into its regular business practices. In an effort to maintain transparency, we develop and publish this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. Produced annually, this report allows us to reflect on our initiatives in the previous year and recognize opportunities for improvement. These opportunities become measurable corporate objectives for the next fiscal year.

Our national signature community outreach program is the Events for Communities of Sustainability (ECOS) Project which was originally launched in 2009, in partnership with the Meeting Professional International (MPI) Foundation and MPI Chapters across Canada. The results of our 2016 community efforts were truly remarkable, as we were able to substantially increase the cash value of the goods collected, making an even greater impact on communities in need.

At Freeman, sustainability is more than a practice it’s a promise to actively address global environmental changes as part of our commitment to responsibly create prosperity and elevate the human experience around the world. That’s why we are deeply honoured and proud to announce this year that Freeman is the first general service contractor in our industry to achieve the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System Standard certification on a global scale.

Read on to find out more about our 2016 corporate responsibility accomplishments: Freeman 2016 CSR Report

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